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The Undercover Life Of A Diva Hennessy- Thirty-something real estate mogul trying to manage a successful career and raising a teenage daughter. She learns the importance of family and friendship when secrets are exposed. Lucille- Quiet and shy attorney married to a famous record producer. Lucille must discover forgiveness and self realization when her husbands infidelties cause a major scandal. Lexus- Charismatic and carefree CEO of a talent agency. She is engaged to a high profile NFL player and seems to lead the perfect life. Lex leads a secret lifestyle and must come full circle with her past when she becomes involved in a police investigation. As the ladies maintain successful careers their personal lives seems to erupt into a whirlwind of turmoil as secrets emerge and friendships are betrayed. The ladies find out they aren’t as in control as they thought and learn the true value of friendship, faith, and loyalty.

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